Cross-Border eCommerce and Multi-Currency Payments

Plus on-demand last mile deliveries

Why use PaySoko?

PaySoko provides cross-border e-commerce and multi-currency payments solutions. It bridges the gap between customer engagement, payments, and logistics, making it easier for people to engage and pay for goods and services.

Our sustainable ecosystems technology enables customers and businesses to securely transact with one another, regardless of their geolocation or currency.

Bridging the Gap between Customer Engagement, Payments, and Logistics . . .


PaySoko provides businesses with a seamless payment platform with multiple payment options for their customers.

Business can now offer fast contactless payments (email payments, mobile money, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, etc.) combined with customer engagement programs to drive new and repeat business and boost spend.

With advanced features, such as Remittance as a Service (Raas), Community Sponsorship, and a multi-currency wallet, combined with loyalty and rewards programs, PaySoko provides a win-win-win solution for everyone.


Get All the Benefits in One Platform . . .

The Business Wins

  • Increased revenue for impacted and growing businesses.
  • Increased customer engagement boosts transaction volume.
    Digital tools, including multi-currency and cross-border payment systems, provide access to larger local and global markets.

The Customers Win

  • PaySoko provides financial and material aid for impacted individuals.
  • Customers can now remotely buy goods and services for their family and friends, with on-demand last mile delivery.

The Sponsors Win

  • With PaySoko, sponsorship becomes a business model with a positive ROI.
  • Sponsors receive marketing publicity with a greater social and financial impact than traditional advertising, more valuable even than targeted ads.

On-demand and Last Mile Deliveries

Remotely buy goods and services for your family and friends, with on-demand last mile delivery

What Customers Say About Us

It is great to have such a service that lets me shop for anything for my friends in Africa, right from my phone and computer here in Las Vegas, What an innovative option to bridge our communities and opportunities to uplift around the world
I have used the PaySoko service to buy groceries and food for my sister. All the deliveries are digitally documented and a confirmation sent to me automatically. I Love it!!
Whenever I want anything, I can simply request for it to my family abroad through PaySoko and have it delivered to my doorstep. Very Convenient!
This is one of the best services I have ever used. It is a reliable and trusted services that provides you a peace of mind when providing for my family back home. I can order anything for my family from the comfort of my home in Texas and have it delivered to their doorstep. Really cool!
My brother is able to order anything for me from the US and it will be delivered wherever I am. Whether I am at work or at home the items are delivered directly to me. No more wasting time to go shopping.