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PaySoko Payments

Simple and Easy Payments

Third Party Integration

Payment Links for One-Time Sales

Connect your Company's System and Automatically Route Payments to your Vendors and Employees

PaySoko eCommerce

Create an eCommerce Store and Sell your Products to Anyone, Anywhere

Automated Accounts Payable

Integrated Payroll Management

Simple POS        

Real Time Reports Provide Insights for Agile Decision Making

PaySoko Features

Grow your Business with Powerful Easy-to-Use Tools

Payment Links

Create and share a payment link via email, SMS, messenger, chatbot, etc. and get paid immediately. Accepting payments from customers is now just a link away.

eCommerce Online Stores

Create online stores instantly with zero coding. Create invoices and bill customers.

Payments Button

Start accepting payments on your website in less than 5 minutes. Thousands of NGOs, SMEs, and freelancers are collecting payments by simply adding a PaySoko Payment button to their website.

Split Payments

Automatically split incoming payments to individual accounts, pay vendors, manage marketplace money flow, and much more using the powerful PaySoko API.

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Put your business online and accept payments anywhere.


Payments Made Easy

Accept payments from your clients and customers. Automate your payroll and accounts payable.


Robust API

Integrate your business and platform through PaySoko's robust API and create enhanced customer experience.

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frequently asked questions

No, you do not need to share all the KYC documents to start transacting. However, you must complete your KYC submission in order to withdraw your funds.

Upon a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation email from PaySoko.

PaySoko Payment Links can be permanent or set to expire at a certain time.

Our seamless integration lets you accept PaySoko payments within your own product without ever leaving your site.

Sign up as a Gold Stack partner.

Your account manager will contact you to complete your API integration.

PaySoko Gold Stack Partnership is an exclusive partnership program that provides your brand the ability to easily onboard customers and provide payment services and withdrawals, all within your own application.